Rodin’s The Thinker (Clothing Optional). Photo by CrisNYCa. Creative Commons.

A Pondering Plod

I recently had a painful ponder, but I often find, in the midst of this pandemic, ponders are painful.

The topic of my ponder was the pointless, yet poignant pursuit of pure reason to the extent my puny brain can perceive reason, pure or otherwise. Unfortunately, instead of pure reasonings my ploddings often turn out to be puree reasonings. Nonetheless, with punny power ‘a plenty I pushed forward or in some such direction.

In my ponder I asked myself, “Am I not free to pursue my happiness?” Ploughing on, I further asked, “Then why can’t I promenade in the park in a clothing optional state? Am I not free to pick my pleasings? After all, my body my choice, right, and can’t I also just have a think like some others who shall remain nameless?”

My pure, puree or otherwise reasoning didn’t persuade the patient yet pensive patrolman. In the end, my ponder on reasoning left my head pounding as the paddy wagon pulled away.

I must have missed something. Oh well, what’s the point? Perhaps I need a pure reason shot in the arm.



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Gary Wells

Gary Wells

Retired economist and newbie news satirist predominantly using raw beginners “haiku” that do little justice to this elegant Japanese poetry form.