Rodin’s The Thinker (Clothing Optional). Photo by CrisNYCa. Creative Commons.

Who Knows Where

In the Mind’s Eye. Photo by the author

for An Honorable Discharge

Harriet one of the Tom, Dick and Harriet Galapagos Island tortoises of Charles Darwin fame. (Creative Commons)

A famous person, who shall remain nameless, once asked, “What’s in a name?”

And It’s Not My Fault in a Margaritaville Sort of Way

Photo of the “Yes Man” taken by the author

Things we should know but keep forgetting

Do We Have to Love Them?

Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies Photo (Government Photo Creative Commons)

A Modern-Day Example of Tilting at a Windmill

Gary Wells

Retired economist and newbie news satirist predominantly using raw beginners “haiku” that do little justice to this elegant Japanese poetry form.

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