Harriet one of the Tom, Dick and Harriet Galapagos Island tortoises of Charles Darwin fame. (Creative Commons)

A famous person, who shall remain nameless, once asked, “What’s in a name?”

And It’s Not My Fault in a Margaritaville Sort of Way

When reading I have a quirk that most would call a flaw.[1] I pay little, or quite honestly no, attention to names. On balance, this is a curse, but occasionally a beautiful blessing emerges. First, the curse. Recently, while reading a particularly long Vox article about the economist Emily Oster, well into the second half of the article a person named Colander surfaced. …

Source: Wikimedia Commons. © User:Colin / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

Jeff Bezos’ Rule

His words to live by,
“Create more than you consume.”
That’s life, more or less.

“…if you want to be successful in business (in life, actually), you have to create more than you consume.” Jeff Bezos

Make 2021 your year

Let your 2021 have its own life

Metropolitan Museum of Art (Creative Commons)

You’re at the entrance
You’ve traveled through hell, but don’t
Look back, move forward!

How happy can a
Kid be? That’s us this New Year.
Live like life’s precious.

Let’s realize that
It was a deadly year. Don’t
Let your guard down yet.

This year embrace your
Responsibilities. They’re
A citizen’s gift.

I’ve heard people say
That they will live forever,
Or they’ll die trying.*

Twenty twenty-one
It has a sweet sound to it
Unlike the past year.

Twenty twenty was
The worst year of my life and
I am an old man.

Do not waste a year.
Sound advice…

Photo of the “Yes Man” taken by the author

Holidays curtailed?
You should be thankful. Just think
You might not gain weight.

Think of all the things
We should be grateful for, like
All the gas we’ve saved.

I have a gadget
It supports me by saying
“When you’re right, you’re right!”

Things we should know but keep forgetting

Do We Have to Love Them?

Don’t you have to love
Politicians? Because they
Always know what’s best

Beware when you hear
A politician who mocks
Someone checking facts

Attack and attack
After all the best defense
Might be offensive

Which is more complex
The clear one or the murky
Or are they the same

Politicians must
Win your vote to reach their goal
Truth is optional

They’ll disappoint you
No one can promise that much
And come through, can they?

Problems abound, so
Our leaders work together …
Yea, like that’ll happen

Photo by Boris23 (Creative Commons)

The Economy is in for a Wild Ride

With multiple vaccines almost within reach, many are confident we will soon be able to put the Covid-19 era in the rearview mirror and return to a normal life. For the overall economy, this is generally thought to be when unemployment and gross domestic product return to pre-Covid levels. That is, getting us back to the levels of that bygone era of December 2019.

Unfortunately, even though we will undoubtedly trim the unemployment rate and regain our pre-Covid GDP level, the economic landscape will change by the time we do. …

Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies Photo (Government Photo Creative Commons)

A Modern-Day Example of Tilting at a Windmill

Bipartisanship is in short supply in today’s political environment, but it is critically needed now. With former Vice President Biden, based on published voting results, claiming he is President-elect, and President Trump seeking judicial relief to overturn election results there appears to be no room for bipartisanship. However, this is the environment where a compromise is very much needed to put America first.

Mr. Biden’s supporters claim that for success President Trump must climb an insurmountable legal cliff while the President’s supporters believe the legal challenges are manageable and must be pursued. …

WGN-TV In the public domain (Creative Commons)

They can now crawl back in their holes

Breathe in and breathe out
Give a sigh of relief, and
Hope they will shut up

Pollsters and pundits
Knew it would turn out this way
Boy, they sure are smart

Let me be honest
I expected this outcome
More or less, that is

I have to say I’m
Not a pollster nor pundit
I’m in the third group

Photo by author

No hammer required

A real nail-biter
Elections can be that way
Just don’t use real nails

Gary Wells 11/4/2020

Metropolitan Museum of Art (Creative Commons)

The Election Looms

Vote Biden or Trump?
Depending on who you ask
The answer varies

It spread like wildfire
Half the country impacted
Trump fatigue syndrome

People fear Biden
Well his policies that is
Now you have your choice

Silence is golden
I hope politicians will
Try it sometime soon

Gary Wells 10/25/2020

Gary Wells

Retired economist and newbie news satirist predominantly using raw beginners “haiku” that do little justice to this elegant Japanese poetry form.

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